Ultimate Guide to the Best Camping Chairs in Australia (2023)

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A comfortable camping chair is a crucial item on every camper’s packing list. Because let’s face it, no one wants to sit around the campfire, under a bright starry night, beer in hand (of course) – in an uncomfortable camping chair.

And considering just how much time you’ll be spending in your camping chair, it’s the one investment you should be willing to make.

When I first started looking for camping chairs in Australia, I had a different mentality – buy cheap, and invest in a good one later.

That’s when I headed to Kmart and sat in one of their $6 camping chairs (which I thought was a bargain at the time). My hips could barely fit in the seat, and I felt as if the chair would collapse at any second.

I quickly realised that buying a camping chair was not going to be as simple as I had hoped it to be. I needed to do a bit (a lot) more research!

So, I looked around and scouted out my options. From budget to deluxe camping chairs, lightweight to compact and even double and triple seaters, I was overwhelmed with options.

I’ve taken the time to thoroughly research and compare each camping chair below, highlighting the pros and cons of each so that your process for finding a camping chair is easier than mine was!

Best camping chairs in Australia
Camping in Jervis Bay

Quick Recommendations For The Best Camping Chairs in Australia

Most comfortable camping chair: Oztent King Goanna Chair
The best budget camping chair: Breakaway All Day Chair
Lightest and most compact camping chair: Trekology Yizi Go

Camping Chair Types

And so your search for the best camping chair begins! You may think you know what you want, but you can seriously go down a rabbit hole when looking for the right one.

Quad fold chairs: These are the most popular camping chairs in Australia and come at a variety of price points. They are lightweight and compact as they fold up into themselves, making them easy to transport. But the options for these types of camping chairs are endless.

Directors chairs: These luxury camping chairs tend to be heavier and sturdier than the quad-fold chairs. Directors chairs are also more comfortable if you prefer to sit in an upright position as they offer more back support. They often come fitted with accessories such as mesh pockets, a table and a cup holder. With a flat fold design, Directors chairs can be bulky, but you can easily store them in the back of your vehicle.

Hiking chairs: If you’re looking for the lightest camping chair, a hiking chair is what you need! Surprisingly, there are some awesome products on the market that weigh less than 1 kg and come with all the comforts you’ll find from other camping chairs, including a backrest. So, don’t write these off just yet. They’re small and compact, but you can pay a premium for a decent one due to the special materials used.

I love my quad-fold camping chairs

Best Camping Chairs in Australia Reviews

Oztent King Goanna Chair: The best camping chair in Australia

External dimensions: 95L x 43W x 107H cm

Seat height: 60L x 43W x 38/43H cm

Product weight: 6 kg

Weight capacity: 200 kg


  • This chair is as comfortable as it’s going to get
  • Suitable for taller and heavier people
  • 5-year warranty


  • Bulky due to extra padding

The Bottom Line

I’m a huge fan of the Oztent King Goanna Chair. It’s got to be one of the most comfortable camping chairs in Australia!

The adjustable lumbar support and armrests give you the freedom to set the chair to your personal preference and the option for extra headrest padding adds that additional layer of comfort.

The King Goanna has a strong, heavy-duty frame and is built for bigger bodies. And the weight rating of 200 kg is hard to beat. So, if you’re heavier or taller than the average Joe, it’s made for you.

But if your size (and weight) isn’t a concern, you may prefer the smaller version, the Oztent Goanna Chair. But honestly, the extra space only adds to the comfort and support, so I’d still opt for the King Goanna alternative.

The total weight of the King Goanna chair is 6 kgs so it is quite bulky. But if you’re not walking too far from your car to the campsite, this shouldn’t be much of a drawback.

While the King Goanna camping chair comes in at a mid to high price point, it has a 5-year warranty and offers a lot of bang for buck.

OZtrail Sun Lounge Deluxe: Best luxury reclining camping chair

External dimensions: 53W x 53D x 114H cm

Seat height: 45H x 45W x 50D cm

Weight: 10.4 kg

Weight capacity: 150 kg


  • Reclines all the way back
  • Easy to pack away
  • Stylish wooden armrests


  • Bulky when folded
  • Heavier than other camping chairs

The Bottom Line

If weight and space aren’t an issue, I highly recommend the OZtrail Sun Lounge Deluxe camping chair. Stretch out under the warm Ozzie sun with an ice-cold drink or stargaze all night long – this camping chair oozes luxury and comfort.

Arguably the most striking feature of the OZtrail Sun Lounge Deluxe is its ability to recline back. It’s made of top-quality material (600 denier polyester, to be exact) and comes fitted with a sturdy frame constructed from strong steel.

While the seat of the Sun Lounge Deluxe is 45 cm wide, you may opt for the Jumbo alternative which has exactly the same features but is slightly wider at 53cm.

Other awesome features include an adjustable headrest, a built-in table (which is super easy to fold away), a drinks holder and of course, the stylish design.

Sounds like the perfect chair!

So, what’s the catch? Well, at over 10kg’s, it’s pretty heavy and can be quite bulky if you have limited space.

Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

External dimensions: 101H x 82D x 75W cm (inc. cup holder)

Seat height: 52W x 39H x 46D cm

Product weight: 7.5 kg

Weighted capacity: 130 kg


  • Extremely comfortable chair with headrest
  • 5 Reclining levels
  • 3-year warranty


  • It’s a flat fold chair so it takes up more space

The Bottom Line

Coleman has done it again! Their 5 Position Padded Chair is one of the most comfortable camping chairs out there and it looks good too.

It reclines to 5 positions and is supported by a sturdy steel frame with a safety lock. The seat and backrest are made from polyester material and can hold a total weight of 130 kgs.

The fold-up drinks holder and nifty headrest are added features that make this camping chair so popular. It weighs a total of 7.5 kgs and with its flat-fold design, it is rather bulky. But the chairs’ superior comfort and strength make up for it.

The Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair comes with a 3-year warranty but if the price is a concern, you may want to consider the OZtrail Resort Reclining chair. It’s not as comfortable as the Coleman option, but it is more affordable.

Trekology Yizi Go: Best lightweight camping chair on a budget

External dimensions: 71H x 48W x 30.5D cm

Product weight: 960 grams

Weight capacity: 135 kgs


  • Lightweight and small (fits into a backpack)
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • While it is a comfortable hiking chair, it doesn’t compete with the bigger, bulkier chairs in terms of comfort
  • Not as durable as the more expensive brands

The Bottom Line

The Trekology Yizi Go Portable Camping Chair is by far the most underrated camping chair in this review. Not only is it compact and lightweight, but it’s also comfortable and durable.

It folds down to a tiny size of 36cm x 15cm and weighs less than 1kg. Yep, you read that correctly! This allows you to pop it into your backpack and take it on those beautiful hikes, camping trips, picnics or sporting events.

The Trekology Yizi Go is quick and easy to set up and has a decent weight limit of 136 kgs. It’s been built to last with Engineering Grade 600D polyester seat fabric and a high strength aluminium frame.

Unlike most hiking chairs, the Yizi Go has superior lower back support from the deeper seat fabric and the side vents allow for increased airflow.

And at under $50, it’s a great budget option and perfect for anyone looking for the best portable camping chair in Australia.

Outdoor Connection Breakaway All Day Chair: Best budget camping chair

Seat dimensions: 56W cm x 47D cm

Product weight: 7.9 Kgs

Weighted capacity: 140 kgs


  • Great value for money
  • Extra padding on seat and back for comfort


  • The seat area is smaller than you’d get from other more expensive camping chairs, but at this price, you won’t find better

The Bottom Line

You might not be familiar with the Outdoor Connection brand, but their Breakaway Camping Chair is worthy of recognition. It’s the best camping chair you’re going to get at this price while not making many compromises on comfort and durability.

The strong steel frame chair means that it’s built to last, and the double layer 600 denier fabric cover is designed for all-day comfort. It also has an insulated cooler bag (which most budget camping chairs don’t come with), as well as a drinks holder.

The Outdoor Connection Breakaway chair also takes a maximum capacity of 140 kg and packs away to a small compact size.

If you’re looking for a budget quad-fold camping chair with a slightly bigger seat area, the Wanderer Premium Chair is also a great option. While it’s a touch more expensive, it comes with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price.

Coleman Directors Chair Plus Side Table: Best directors camping chair

External dimensions: 60L x 78W x 49H cm

Seat size: 41W x 39H x 41D cm

Product weight: 3.6 kgs

Rated Capacity: 135 kgs


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Fully padded seat and backrest


  • Bulky when folded down

The Bottom Line

The Coleman Directors Chair is one of the best directors camping chairs in Australia. It’s a solid chair, built to last with an aluminium frame that’s super durable and lightweight. It only weighs 3.6 kgs!

More importantly, it’s extremely comfortable thanks to the padded seating area and backrest which are both made from tough polyester. There’s also a handy side table that folds flat for easy storage.

Additionally, its full loop leg style is great for tent floors and softer surfaces.

Overall, it’s more affordable and compact than other directors chairs on the market, but the quality and comfort are not compromised. No doubt a great buy!

OZtrail Moon Chair Single with Arms: Best moon chair

External dimensions: 100W x 64D x 102H cm

Seat height: 40 cm

Product weight: 4.2 kgs

Weight capacity: 120 kgs


  • Comfortable wrap-around arms
  • Drinks and wine glass holder
  • Double-layer fabric with padded foam support


  • Smaller than other moon chairs

The Bottom Line

Who doesn’t want the comfort of curling up on a sofa – except outdoors? Well, with the OZtrail Moon Chair, you can do just that!

It’s next-level comfort with double-layer fabric and padded foam for support. It also comes with a handy armrest and drinks holder– this chair just screams comfort!

OZtrail have also pulled out all the stops with the quality materials that they have used. The PVC coating adds to the chair’s longevity and the high tensile 17.5 mm powder-coated steel tube frame ensures that it is sturdy and solid.

Moon chairs tend to be bulky and difficult to transport – but not this one! There are larger moon chairs on the market which may allow for more “lounge around” room, but the OZtrail Moon Chair is way more compact and quick and easy to set up.

The weight of this chair is also really impressive! For its size and structure, 4.2 kgs is not bad. And you can’t fault the reasonable pricing.

In my opinion, the OZtrail Moon Chair is definitely the best moon chair in Australia.

Helinox Chair One Hiking Chair

External dimensions: 65H x 52W x 50D cm

Seat height: 27 cm

Product Weight: 960 grams

Rated Capacity: 145 kgs


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • 5-year warranty


  • It’s a great lightweight chair, but if you’re using it for long hours, you may want something more comfortable with armrests
  • It’s quite expensive compared to to the Trekology Yizi Go

The Bottom Line

The Helinox Chair One is a bestselling and award-winning chair, versatile for all kinds of adventure. While it has many similarities to the Trekology Yizi Go, it is more expensive.

At a packed length of 35 cm, it has been designed for compact convenience. The Helinox Chair One is super easy to set up as the frame is shock-corded together and practically self-assembled. Slip on the seat material and you’re good to go!

This portable camping chair is extremely durable and is made with top-notch materials, including aluminium alloy. The 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind and justifies the extra spend as you know it will last.

It’s one of the smallest and lightest camping chairs in Australia but if you’re looking for comfort, you might prefer a camping chair that’s higher off the ground and has armrests (but this would be a lot heavier and bulkier).

OZtrail Deluxe Junior Chair: Best kids camping chair

In use dimensions: 58L x 67W x 38H cm

Seat height: 33 cm

Product weight: 2.1 kgs

Rated capacity: 80 Kgs


  • Perfect for kids
  • 14.5 mm stable steel frame


  • Cheaper chairs available (but your kids will want this one)

The Bottom Line

Camping with the kids has to be one of the best family activities out there! But your little campers are going to need their own chairs.

Enter the OZtrail Deluxe Junior Chair. It’s made from a strong 14.5 mm high-tensile steel frame and durable 600 denier polyester fabric to support a weight of up to 80 kgs. It offers some awesome features including armrests and a side organiser, and packs away quickly and easily.

The safety pin locking feature stops the legs from involuntarily folding up while in use and the strong frame means that no matter what weird and wonderful position the kids sit in, the chair will remain in an upright position.

Ideal for toddlers and small children, the chair is made from quality fabric and comes in a variety of colours which I know they’ll love.

OZtrail Galaxy 2-Seater Chair: Best two-seater camping chair

Seat size: 105W x 38H x 50D cm

Product weight: 6.1 kgs

Rated capacity: 240 kgs


  • Easy to set and pack up
  • Cup holders and stemmed wine glass holder
  • Comfortable


  • A vertical pole that prevents sitting in the middle of the seat

The Bottom Line

The OZtrail Galaxy 2-Seater Chair is made from 17.5mm Powder Coated Steel and a hard-wearing 600 denier polyester fabric. This means it’s extremely sturdy and won’t tip if only one person is sitting in the chair.

Surprisingly, it only weighs 6.1 kgs and packs down to 90 cm x 16 cm, which is pretty small given its large in-use size.

The stemmed glass holders are a top-selling feature for those who like to enjoy a good glass of wine while lounging around in the beautiful outdoors.

Honourable mention

OZtrail Classic Camping Chair: This is the cheapest camping chair you’ll find (that’s worth buying, at least). And it’s impressive given its affordable price. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable camping chair out there, but it is lightweight, durable and has a drinks holder.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Camping Chair in Australia

Still deciding what’s the best camping chair for you. Here are some other tips and things to consider when buying a camping chair in Australia.


When choosing a camping chair, your budget is most likely a huge deciding factor. But you don’t need to go over the top and buy the most expensive one on the market.

Are you looking for a cheap chair to use on your first camping trip? There are the $6 Big W or Bunning’s options, but these aren’t very comfortable and they may only last a handful of camp trips. But they do get the job done!

Other budget chairs come in between $20 and $40, like the OZtrail Classic Armchair or the Outdoor Connection Breakaway camping chair.

If durability and quality are more important and you’re looking for a camping chair that will last, you’ll need to spend a bit more. There are some great quality, mid-range chairs for around $50-$80.

Then, as always, there is the best of the best – but these come at a price. Luxury camping chairs start from $100, with some even hitting the $200 mark. But considering just how often you’ll use them, the costs can be easily justified. And hence the King Goanna is worth the price considering the comfort and durability.

Quad fold camping chairs
Quad fold camping chairs tend to be the cheapest option – but they do the job perfectly

Weight and Size

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when looking for a good quality camping chair is the weight of the chair. If you’re hiking, backpacking or walking more than 1 km to your campsite, you’ll definitely want something lightweight like the Trekology Yizi Go.

If weight is less of an issue and you’re heading to a drive-in campsite, like Putty Beach Campground, you can pretty much take your pick on any one of the many camping chairs on the market.

Also, consider the space you have in your car. You might think your SUV has more than enough room, but trust me, once your tent, gazebo, esky and other camping gear is packed in your car, space will become an issue.

And while we’re on the topic of weight, make sure you check the maximum weight limit of the person who will be using the camping chair before purchasing it.

Comfort and Style

I’m going to say it again – if you’re an avid camper, you’re going to want to be comfortable. And you won’t regret spending a few more $$ on a comfortable camping chair!

From reclining chairs with adjustable features to those with extra padding and back support and even two-seaters to cuddle up under the stars, you can take your pick.

But if you’re looking for something small and lightweight, you’re going to have to compromise on comfort as these hiking chairs tend to be lower to the ground with no arm support.

Reclining camping chairs Australia
Reclining camping chairs like this offer more back support

Quality and Durability

Are you loading up your campervan at every opportunity you get? Are you hiking off into the wilderness on a whim? Or are you just setting up the field-side at your kid’s sports game?

Here’s what you need to know about the quality of camping chairs you buy.

Aluminium chair frames are always a great option as they are lightweight and extremely durable. When purchasing bulkier and larger chairs, the size calls for a steel frame. This makes the chair heavier but will add to the longevity of your camping chair.

The material to look out for would be polyester or ripstop nylon as they are extra durable and can withstand more weight. A great tip is to look for chairs that have PVC coating or UV protection – this will increase the lifespan of your camping chair enormously.

And don’t forget about the warranty period! You’ll find that the best quality camping chairs, like the OZtent King Goanna Chair or the Helinox One Hiking Chair, offer a 5-year warranty instead of the typical 1 year.

Other Camping Chair Features

While comfort, weight and budget are the most important factors to consider when buying a camping chair in Australia, you may also want to take these points into consideration.

  • Drinks holder: No explanation is needed here. I personally wouldn’t buy a camping chair if it didn’t have somewhere for me to put my drink!
  • Side table: Need somewhere to rest your snacks? A side table takes it one step further than the drinks holder.
  • Built-in coolers: These cooler bags are built into the arms of most camping chairs. They’re also super convenient for storing your phone, keys and wallet.
  • Mesh pockets: These nifty mesh pockets at the backrest of the chair can hold your chair bag, blankets and other items that may get lost around the campsite.
Camping gear in Australia
I’d go camping every weekend for views like this

Review of the Best Camping Chairs in Australia

There you have it – my review of the best camping chairs in Australia. We are spoiled for choice and there is an option for everyone, no matter your budget.

From the more luxurious OZtrail Sun Lounge Delux chair to the lightweight, quick, and easy Helinox Chair One Hiking Chair, you can take your pick!

This post contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase through them, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

What’s your favourite camping chair? Is it on this list? Drop me a message below and if the reviews are up to scratch, I’ll add it to my post!

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