Camping at Freemans Campground: A Complete Guide

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Freemans Campground in Munmorah National Park is the ideal destination for a relaxing camping getaway near Sydney. It’s just a short walk from Birdie Beach and offers large campsites suitable for families and bigger groups of travellers.

But before you go ahead and book your trip, here’s everything you need to know – from the nudist beach down the road to the pros and cons of booking a weekend away at Freemans Campground.

Freemans Campground
If you’re travelling in a big group, book sites 15, 16 and 17

Where is Freemans Campground

Freemans camping ground is a 1.5-hour drive north of Sydney.

Situated close to Lake Munmorah in the Munmorah State Conservation Area, it’s a popular campsite due to its close proximity to the city and ease of access.

Birdie Beach is just a short walk away from Freemans Campground, making it a top summer destination for those looking to soak up the sun and spend time outdoors.

Things to do near Freemans Campground
Freemans Campground is much bigger than nearby Frazer Campground

What to Expect When Camping at Freemans Campground

With a total of 39 sites, Freemans Campground is one of the biggest campgrounds on the Central Coast. It’s also one of the few that has sites available for caravans and motorhomes.

As is the case with all NSW National Parks campsites, you’ll need to book your spot early as they’re in high demand!

And just a heads up – part of Birdie Beach is a nudist beach. If you want to steer clear of seeing people in their birthday suits, avoid the left section of the beach.

Luckily, the beach itself is massive, and there’s lots of space for everyone to do their own thing.

Best sites Freemans Campground
There are 8 campsites for motorhomes and camper trailers

Amenities and camping tips

  • There is a large amenities block that has flushing toilets and cold showers
  • The sites don’t have power
  • Open fires are not permitted
  • Picnic tables are available, and there are two communal BBQ areas
  • No dogs allowed
  • Some of the campsites are very close to each other and lack privacy
  • Mobile phone coverage is limited
  • Freemans Campground is suitable for tents, caravans, and motorhomes
  • Be careful of the bin chickens! They’ll linger around your campsite and eat any leftovers so keep all your food securely stored overnight

Freemans Campground Map

Freemans Campground Map
Freemans Campground is one of the bigger camping grounds along the Central Coast. Image credit: NSW National Parks

Which Sites to Book

Freemans is a large campground with sites of varying size (and privacy).

Of the 39 campsites, 31 are designated for tent camping, and 8 are for caravans or motorhomes.

The inner-circle

The sites on the inside of the road running through Freemans Campground (5,6,7,12,13,14,29, 30, 31) are out in the open, with no shade and no privacy. Not my favourite!

If you want to be close to the amenities block and BBQ facilities, book these, but you won’t have the same scenic river or forest views as some of the other sites.

Munmorah State Conservation Area Campsites
The sites on the inner side of the road don’t have much privacy between them

The biggest tent camping sites

Site 1, 2 and 3 are the biggest tent camping sites at Freemans Campground so they’re ideal for bigger groups.

But they’re right at the entrance, so expect quite a bit of foot traffic passing by.

My top pick for groups

Sites 15, 16 and 17 are my favourites if you’re travelling in a group. Nestled amongst the trees with views of Birdie Creek nearby, they’re the more isolated sites.

Best sites for couples

If you’re travelling alone or with your partner, book either site 8, 11, 25 or 28. These are the most private, and the trees separate them from the other sites.

Freemans Campground Central Coast
Sites 26, 27 and 28 at Freemans Campground

Sites for motorhomes and camper trailers

There are 8 sites available that have enough space for you to drive your vehicle, or camper trailers onto the site. These are to the right of Freemans Campground, near sites 28 and 29.

Freemans Camping Visitor Information

  • Freeman’s camping costs $17 per person per night
  • Bookings are limited to 6 people per site
  • A National Park parking pass is required. This is a cost you’ll incur over and above your camping fees. This pass can be purchased for $8 from the parking machine at the entrance of the beach, near the toilets
  • Check-in after 12:00, Check-out before 12:00.
  • Visit the National Parks website to make your booking

Have you been camping in Freemans Campground? Or are you planning your trip? Drop me a message below and let me know your thoughts.

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