The Enchanted Walk, Cradle Mountain: Everything You Need to Know

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The Enchanted Walk in Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular short walks in Tasmania.

With views of button grass moorland, a forest boardwalk and resident wombats and wallabies, it really does feel like you’re stepping into a fairytale.

It’s a quick and easy walk, making it an ideal activity to pair with the rest of your Cradle Mountain itinerary. But, is it the best short walk in the area?

I’ve answered that question, and a whole lot more, in this guide to the Enchanted Forest Walk, Cradle Mountain.

Enchanted Forest Walk Cradle Mountain
The Enchanted Walk is one of the best short walks in Tasmania

Enchanted Walk Details

  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Length: 1.1 km circuit track
  • Trail difficulty: Easy
  • Starting point: Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge | Here

Enchanted Walk Map

Enchanted Walk Map
Enchanted Walk Map

What to expect

The Enchanted Walk lies within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. If it’s nature and wildlife you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed!

Pepper Cradle Mountain Lodge marks the start of the Enchanted Walk trail. As you drive onto the property, you’ll notice a small bridge crossing Pencil Pine Creek. Park your car nearby and head to this bridge.

From here, you’ll follow the boardwalk track for 20 minutes, meandering through a magical, mossy forest.

Most of the route follows a slow-flowing river with a picturesque waterfall at the halfway point.

Best short walks in Cradle Mountain
Walking under a canopy of trees

Wildlife and wombats on the Enchanted Forest Walk

If you’re in search of wombats, this is one of the most popular places to see them, especially at dusk. Hence, it’s often referred to as the “Cradle Mountain Wombat Walk“.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get so lucky when I did the Enchanted Walk.

I found scores of burrows and knew there must have been a few around, but I didn’t actually see any wombats on the Enchanted Walk.

However, I saw one as I was driving out of the park and stopped to take a closer look.

Wallabies are also a common sighting and we saw a lot of these guys along the trail.

Wombats enchanted walk
If you don’t see any wombats on the Enchanted Walk, keep an eye out for them on the drive back to the visitors center. That’s where I saw this guy.

Is it the best short walk in Cradle Mountain

If you have children, yes.

If you don’t have children, no.

Bottom line: Your kids will love the Enchanted Walk.

The trail is even and flat, and it’s short enough so they won’t be whinging and whining about the distance. There’s also a variety of natural attractions throughout the walk, and it resembles a secret garden.

But, it is a popular Cradle Mountain walk, so its charm can be overshadowed by the crowds!

I was more impressed with the King Billy trail, which also starts at Peppers Cradle Mountain. While it’s a slightly longer and steeper route, it’s a hidden gem and my favourite short walk in Cradle Mountain.

Waterfalls Enchanted Walk
The waterfall at the start of the Enchanted Walk

How to get to the start of the Enchanted Walk

To get to Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, you’ll need to purchase a National Parks pass at the visitors centre. From here, take the free shuttle to the Rangers Station (first stop), which is a short walk from Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Alternatively, you can drive into the national park as there is sufficient parking at the lodge.

Enchanted Walk FAQ’s

How long is the Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain?

The Enchanted Walk is a 1.1 km loop track that’s flat and easy to navigate.

What is the easiest walk at Cradle Mountain?

The Enchanted Forest Walk is the easiest walk in Cradle Mountain. It’s a flat trail and just over 1 km long.

How long does it take to walk through the Enchanted Forest?

It takes about 20 minutes as it’s a short, easy walk.

Have you heard of Cradle Mountains’ Enchanted Walk? Or are you looking for the best walks in Cradle Mountain? If you have any questions, drop me a message below!

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