The King Billy Walk in Cradle Mountain: Why This is The Best Short Walk

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The King Billy walk is a spectacular trail through a magical rainforest in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

It’s home to the famous King Billy Pine, which is nearly 1,500 years old and grows up to 40 metres tall.

If you’re visiting Cradle Mountain and looking for a short walk that offers incredible scenery (and isn’t crowded), then I highly recommend you visit Cradle Mountain Lodge, which is the start and endpoint for the King Billy track.

King Billy Track distance
The 45 minute King Billy Walk is almost entirely through a forest like this

King Billy Walk Details

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Length: 1.9 km circuit track
  • Trail difficulty: Easy (a few stairs and a slight incline for about 15 minutes)
  • Starting point: Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge
End of the track
The end of the King Billy Track is marked by a beautiful viewpoint overlooking a small dam

What to Expect on the King Billy Track

It’s hard to believe that the King Billy track is just a stone’s throw away from Cradle Mountain Lodge.

The moment you step foot into the temperate forest, you’ll feel as if you’re in a remote and isolated part of Tasmania.

Moss-covered trees, towering canopies, orange fungi, beautiful wildflowers and resident wallabies. This is what makes the King Billy Pine Walk the best short walk in Cradle Mountain.

The circuit track follows a boardwalk and is relatively easy for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Unlike the popular Enchanted Walk, which is almost entirely flat, the King Billy track starts with a gradual incline and continues uphill as you walk deeper into the forest.

Short walks in Cradle Mountain
Entering the forest

The King Billy Pine

At the halfway point, which is about 20 minutes from the start, you’ll have a chance to get up close to these giants from the viewing deck.

Coming back down, you won’t go in the same direction that you came from. Instead, continue following the circuit track, which will take you back through the forest and to the exit point via a different route.

King Billy Pine Forest Cradle Mountain
The trail is only 45 minutes but it feels like you’re in a different world

How to Get to the Start of the King Billy Track

To get to Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, you’ll need to purchase a National Parks pass at the visitors centre.

From here, take the free shuttle to the Rangers Station (first stop), which is a short walk from Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Alternatively, you can drive into the national park as there is sufficient parking at the lodge.

After arriving at Cradle Mountain Lodge, you’ll need to walk past the parking area toward the cabins. Soon, you’ll see signs directing you to the start of the King Billy Walk.

It’s not as popular as the other walks, so don’t follow the crowds (they’ll be doing to Enchanted Walk)

Short Walks from Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge
We were the only people on the trail

Have you heard of the King Billy Walk, Cradle Mountain? Or are you looking for the best short walks in the area? Drop me a message below and let me know your thoughts.

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