Kondalilla Falls Walk: Step-By-Step Guide [And What to Expect]

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The Kondalilla Falls Walk is a beautiful circuit track outside Montville in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It’s an easy walk through lush forests with a fantastic swimming hole at the end.

I spent a weekend exploring the area, and visiting Kondalilla National Park was one of my highlights. Here’s everything you need to know about the circuit track and swimming hole at Kondalilla Falls.

Kondalilla Falls swimming hole surrounded by trees
The main swimming hole at Kondalilla National Park is at the top of Kondalilla Falls

Kondalilla Falls walk overview

  • Distance: 4.6 km loop
  • Elevation gain: 188 m
  • Duration: 2 – 3 hours
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Starting Point: Kondalilla Falls car park | Here

Kondalilla Falls circuit tips

Here are two important things to know before you go.

  • It’s best to take the anticlockwise route when doing the Kondalilla Falls walking track. This means you’ll get to the swimming hole at the end of your walk.
  • While it’s a family-friendly walk, there are lots of stairs (over 300 of them) leading to the base of the waterfall. You’ll then need to make your way back up but via another set of stairs.
Kondalilla Falls Circuit map
Passing Picnic Creek at the start of the Kondalilla Falls walk

Starting the trail

The trail starts near the grassy picnic area at Kondalilla Falls Car Park. Picnic benches, BBQ facilities and public toilets are available here.

From the entrance, you have two options (as it’s a circuit trail). I recommend following the Picnic Creek track, which goes to the right.

Taking this anticlockwise route means you descend the steep stairs (rather than climbing them), and you’ll also enjoy the big swimming hole at the end of your walk.

The trail winds through a beautiful rainforest, and you’ll soon reach Obi Obi Gorge Lookout.

From there, follow the path until you reach the stairs.

A woman standing at Kondalilla Falls viewpoint
Obi Obi Gorge Lookout at Kondalilla National park

The stairs and base of Kondalilla Falls

There are about 300 stairs that go down into the valley and to the base of Kondalilla Falls. These are a lot steeper than the ones you’ll return with.

About halfway down, you’ll find a lookout point offering unspoiled views of the falls.

Once you reach the bottom, follow the path that leads over big rocks. This will take you to a small rock pool that sits in front of the 90 m-high Kondalilla Waterfall.

During my visit in August, the falls were nothing spectacular as there was little water. The swimming hole was also dirty and not great for swimming. This is why I recommend saving your swim for the swimming hole at the top.

If there’s been rain in the area, then the falls might be more impressive than what I experienced.

A man walking down stairs at Kondalilla Falls circuit
The stairs leading to the base of Kondalilla Waterfall

Note: The walk to the base of Kondalilla Waterfall is beautiful and scenic. You’re surrounded by large trees, and there’s lots of wildlife around. So, while the falls themselves aren’t the highlight, I still recommend taking the path to the base to experience the beauty of Kondalilla National Park.

Going back up and the swimming hole

After seeing Kondalilla Falls up close, you’re about halfway through your walk.

Continue to follow the loop trail until you reach the rocky stairs that go back up to the top of Kondalilla Waterfall.

This will take you to the second (and better) swimming hole.

This is a different route from what you had come down from, making it a circuit track.

Soon, you’ll reach another small waterfall and swimming hole. The swimming hole itself is much bigger than the one at the base of the falls and the perfect place to cool off after climbing all those stairs.

The water was freezing cold in August, but it was just what my body needed!

The end of the trail is about a 15-minute walk from the swimming hole.

Kondalilla Falls Montville
The base of Kondalilla Falls wasn’t as impressive as I was expecting, but the walk to get here was stunning

Things to know

  • No dogs allowed
  • BBQ facilities are available
  • It gets busy on weekends and public holidays, so try to start your walk early
  • Bring your swimming gear
  • If you want to see the falls in all their might, visit during the rainy season (December to February)
  • Pack mosquito spray
The Kondalilla Falls trail is surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife
The Kondalilla Falls trail is surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife

Kondalilla Falls National Park FAQs

How long is the walk at Kondalilla Falls?

The walk to Kondalilla Falls is 4.6 km and takes roughly 2 hours to complete.

How hard is the Kondalilla Falls Circuit?

What makes the Kondalilla Falls circuit a challenging walk is the number of stairs you need to scale down (and back up again) to get to the base of the falls. Other than that, it’s a short, easy hike that’s ideal for children.

Can you swim at Kondalilla Falls?

Yes! There’s a big swimming hole at the top of Kondalilla Falls.

Where to stay near Kondalilla Falls?

The town of Montville is a short drive from the Kondalilla Falls circuit. There are a number of cosy cabins and cottages in Montville that make for the perfect weekend getaway.

Do you have any questions about the Kondalilla Waterfall circuit near Montville? Drop me a message in the comments section below!

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