Camping at Mill Creek Campground near Wisemans Ferry: Forests, Ferns and Remote Vibes

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Nestled in the Dharug National Park and just a stone’s throw away from the Hawkesbury River and Wisemans Ferry, lies Mill Creek Campground.

It’s one of the best campgrounds near Sydney and is surrounded by lush forests, chirping birds and calming streams.

But camping at Mill Creek Campground is not for everyone!

With no showers and only drop toilets available, it is better suited for those who aren’t afraid to roughen it up. But the peaceful surroundings, large sites and fire pits make it a worthwhile visit.

I was in search of a much-needed escape from the city, so I headed to Mill Creek Campground for a weekend getaway. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning on doing the same.

Camping at Mill Creek Campground
Site 25 is the best campsite at Mill Creek Campground

Where is Mill Creek Campground

Mill Creek Campground is located in the Dharug National Park. It’s 80 km north of Sydney and lies on the edge of the Hawkesbury River.

It’s a scenic, 2-hour drive. After reaching the quaint town of Wisemans Ferry, you’ll need to cross the Hawkesbury River via the ferry.

This ferry operates 24/7, and it’s a quick 5-minute trip from one side to the other.

Camping in Dharug National Park in NSW
Entrance of Mill Creek Campground, with sites 1-8 on the right

What to expect when camping at Mill Creek Camping Ground

If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, Mill Creek camping ground is just for you.

There are 30 campsites to choose from. Unlike other campsites in NSW (which are booked out months – even years – in advance), I found that Mill Creek isn’t as popular so you’ll often find an open site for the days you select.

I was very impressed with the layout of the campground, and the sites are a lot bigger than I thought they would be. But as with most campgrounds, getting the right site can make or break your trip.

Toilets at Mill Creek camping ground
While there are composting toilets, there are no showers at Mill Creek Campground.

Amenities and camping tips

  • There are no showers available, but if you’re desperate, you can get a day pass to Del Rio Resort and use their facilities
  • The toilets are long drop, composting toilets, and while they are clean, they stink really bad
  • No running water is available, but there is a rainwater tank. Bring your own drinking water
  • Open fires are permitted, and you need to bring your own firewood
  • While the sites are big, the maximum number of people per site is 6
  • Only a select number of sites have fire pits. So if you’re planning on making a fire, be sure to book a site with a firepit (or bring your own one)
  • All sites are unpowered
  • Mill Creek Campground is suitable for tents, caravans, and motorhomes
  • There are electric BBQ facilities available
  • Mosquitos thrive in this area so bring insect repellent
  • The phone reception at Mill Creek Campground isn’t great. We barely had any phone signal but if you’re desperate to make a call, you’ll find reception near the toilets
  • No pets allowed

Mill Creek Campsite Map

Mill Creek Campground Map
Mill Creek camping ground is one of the bigger camping grounds I’ve visited. Image credit: NSW National Parks

Which site to book

Mill Creek is a large campground with sites of varying sizes (and privacy).

Overall the sites are a lot bigger than I had expected and you can fit 2 tents on each of them.

Of the 30 campsites, 22 are designated for tent camping and 8 are for caravans or campervans.

There is a large group camping area closer to the Mill Creek Picnic area. This is suitable for 15-70 people but you need to contact the area manager for bookings.

Sites 1-8

Sites 1-8 are at the entrance of the campground and are designated for tents and caravans.

There is little privacy between the sites and as a result, they wouldn’t be my first choice.

One of the pros of these sites is that the parking area is less than 10 metres from them. They are also just a short walk away from the toilets.

Mill Creek Campground in Dharug National Park
Sites 6, 7 and 8 at Mill Creek Campground

Sites 9-20

As with sites 1-8, these sites are all close to the parking area so you don’t have to walk too far with your camping gear.

Sites 9, 10 and 11 are right next to the toilets and you can expect a lot of people walking past. These sites might be a bit smelly from the toilets!

If these sites are the only ones available, I would recommend 19 or 20, although there are better sites further into to campground.

Best Campsites at Mill Creek Camping Ground
Sites 10 and 11, on the left, are next to the path leading to the toilets

The best sites at Mill Creek Campground

Sites 21 to 30 are the best sites at Mill Creek Campground.

Unlike the others, you can’t drive up to your site, but they are far more private with lots of grass, trees and shrubs throughout.

Sites 21 -24

Site 21 and 22 are next to each other with no separation. Each is a big site but if you’re only taking one of them, you’ll share the fire pit.

While they are closer to the road than other sites in this area, expect a constant flow of people walking past your site.

The same goes for 23 and 24 in terms of privacy.

Camping in NSW National Parks
Campsites 23 is on the left and has a firepit, while site 24 is on the right (where the tent is)

Site 25: The best site at Mill Creek Campground

Not only is it one of the biggest campsites, but you’re almost completely surrounded by dense eucalypt forests. The site looks onto a slow-running stream.

There is a firepit, and enough space for 2 large tents and a gazebo.

But it is the furthest site from the parking area and toilets, around 80 metres, so keep that in mind if you have a lot of things to carry.

Site 25 at Mill Creek in Dharug National Park
I camped on site 25 and it’s the best site if you’re happy to walk 80 metres to your site

Site 26

Site 26 is a large site and would be my recommendation if site 25 is taken. It’s surrounded by small shrubs and trees and offers a lot of privacy.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have a fire pit so if you book this site, be sure to bring one along.

Site 26 at Mill Creek Camping Ground
This is the communal fire pit. You’ll see site 25 in the distance (left) and site 26 on the right which is nestled between the trees

Sites 27, 28 and 29

Site 27 is one of the biggest sites at Mill Creek Campground. But it lacks the privacy that you’ll get from sites 25 and 26 as there are no shrubs or bushes separating it from the path.

The same goes for sites 28 and 29 which are next to each other.

Dharug National Park campsites
Site 27, on the left, looks onto the path and communal BBQ area

Site 30

This large site with a fire pit is conveniently located near the parking area, but it lacks privacy and there will be a lot of people walking past your site throughout the day and night.

Things to do near Mill Creek Campground

The Dharug National Park offers several unique walking tracks fit for all ages and fitness levels.

Walking tracks in Dharug National Park
The Mill Creek picnic area is a short walk from the camping ground but there are other walking trails near Wisemans Ferry

Convict Trail

If you’re looking for a bit of a history lesson and scenic walk, the 4 km Convict Trail is another great walk near Mill Creek Campground.

You only need 2 hours for this so it’s not as hectic as the 11 km walking track

11km Walking Track

This 11 km hike traverses through stunning fern forests, across rivers and up big boulders. It’s a tough hike that takes 4 – 5 hours but the scenery is absolutely exquisite.

The hike starts from the Mill Creek Picnic area.

Alternatively, you can opt for the shorter 1.5 km Grass Tree Circuit. This 20 minute walk follows a path through the forest and alongside picturesque creeks – perfect for children.

11 km walking track near Mill Creek Campground
11 km walking track near Mill Creek Campground. It’s a tough but beautiful walk

Explore Wisemans Ferry

If hiking isn’t your thing, head to the small town of Wisemans Ferry where you can enjoy a meal or a few drinks at one of the many restaurants

Visitor Information

  • Mill Creek camping costs: $17 per person per night.
  • A National Park parking pass is required. This is a cost you’ll incur over and above your camping fees. This pass can be purchased for $8 from the parking machine at the entrance of the campground
  • Check-in after 14:00, Check-out before 10:00.
  • Visit the National Parks website to make your booking

Have you been camping at Mill Creek Campground? Or are you planning your trip? Drop me a message below and let me know your thoughts.

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