11+ Best wineries in Orange, NSW [2024]

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The wineries in Orange, NSW, have made a name for themselves over the past few years.

The region is located only a 4-hour drive west of Sydney and is home to over 60 spectacular wineries.

After spending a few days in Orange, overindulging in the region’s best local produce and sipping on a few too many glasses of wine, I’ve sussed out the best Orange wineries and detailed them all in this mega guide.

Best vineyards in Orange
Colmar Estate has one of the best views

About Orange wineries

Orange is Australia’s highest-altitude wine-producing region. It’s nestled at the base of Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano providing fertile and mineral-rich soil.

This cool climate wine region is known for its Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. But, as I recently discovered, the wineries in Orange have a bit of something for everyone.

From boutique, family-owned vineyards to large commercial operations (and everything in between), Orange makes for the perfect boozy weekend away.

Orange wine region
Every detail is considered at Nashdale Lane

11+ Best Orange Wineries

Here are my top choices for the best wineries in Orange.

1. Word of Mouth Wines: Most authentic winery in Orange

How to plan your Orange winery tour
Word of Mouth Wines
  • Tasting fee: $20 for 5 tastings
  • Highlight: Everything – the cheese board is a winner
  • Downsides: $20 per person (but so worth it)
  • Recommended if… you enjoy boutique wineries

Word of Mouth Wines is a small, intimate vineyard sitting at a cool 1 013 meters above sea level. It tops my list as one of the best wineries in Orange and is a favourite amongst locals.

From the moment you step foot onto the property and walk down the cobblestone pathway, you’ll notice something special about this place.

The resident dog will welcome you at the front door and he’ll come to say hi during the tasting to make sure you’re happy. The charming atmosphere coupled with its quirky decor and rustic artwork, make Word of Mouth Wines a winner in my eyes.

The winemakers have a sustainable approach to winemaking and refer to their process as slow or traditional winemaking, with no fertilizers or insecticides used.

The wines here are on the more expensive side and range from $45-$75 per bottle.

The tasting

wine pairing in Orange
Tasting the Fluffy Sparkling at Word of Mouth Wines

The cellar door at Word of Mouth Wines looks onto a beautiful outdoor courtyard, ideal for a warm summer’s day. But during winter, I was more than happy to enjoy the comfort and cosiness of the indoor tasting room.

The wines consist mostly of gorgeous white varieties. The tasting starts with their signature Fluffy Sparkling, a delicious sparkling wine named after the owner’s furry friend. I can confirm that the Fluffy Sparkling is magnificent and pairs well with the yummy jam tart served with it.

Next up, there’s the Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, all presented perfectly and served by the owner himself.

The cheeseboard

The wine tasting at Word of Mouth Wines comes complete with a few complimentary treats, including bread and dips. You can also choose from a variety of meats, cheeses and olives and build your own board for a small extra charge.

The selection is very impressive and well-priced, so if you’re only planning on having one cheeseboard during your Orange winery tour, make sure you have it here. This could also double up as your lunch spot!

2. Printhie Wines

Best Orange wineries
Views from Printhie Wines cellar door
  • Tasting fee: Standard tasting $10 for 6 tastings | Premium tasting $30 for 7 tastings
  • Highlight: Wine tasting in the shed
  • Downside: They don’t currently offer cheese boards with their tastings
  • Recommended if… you enjoy a rustic, barnyard setting

Printhie Vineyard in Orange is nestled among orchids and olive groves and sits alongside a small dam overlooking the rolling hills in the distance.

But then you step into the old barn and are transported to a different world. It’s cosy and rustic with a hustle and bustle in the air

The indoor setting is just awesome! With wine barrels as tables and fairy lights covering the ceiling, there’s no denying that Printhie Wines has one of the best cellar doors in Orange.

The tasting

Printhie Wines Orange
The Printhie cellar door oozes character

We opted for the Premium tasting experience which included some of Printhie’s finest wines.

The tasting starts with 2 varieties from the Swift Sparkling range. These have won several trophies and medals and have been voted the best sparkling in New South Wales for two years in a row.

Both are delicious, but at $120 for the Swift Sparkling Blanc de Blancs, it’s a bit out of my price range.

Luckily, Printhie offers more affordable wine to suit all budgets, and at $22 for the Mountain Range, it’s great value for money.

We were also treated to the Chardonnay and Shiraz from their Topography and Super Duper range. The Super Duper Chardonnay and Shiraz certainly lived up to their name as both were vibrant and easy-drinking, but I was equally impressed with the Topography range, which sells for $32 a bottle.

3. Nashdale Lane: Best Orange winery with accommodation

Nashdale Lane Winery Orange
Nashdale Lane Winery in Orange
  • Tasting fee: $10 for standard tasting | $20 for a Premium tasting of 7 tastings
  • Highlight: The Rose
  • Downside: They don’t currently offer cheeseboards with their tastings
  • Recommended if… you’re looking to meet the friendliest winemakers in Orange

Nashdale Lane is a small, family-run winery in Orange. The husband-and-wife duo made this place so special and left a lasting impression on us. They’re passionate winemakers and have created a beautiful experience for their guests.

The cellar door is found in an old apple-picking shed and is easily identified by its corrugated iron exterior and concrete floors.

It is rustic meets contemporary – and I love it! If you’re looking for the best wine tasting in Orange, it’s here.

To top it off, luxury glamping accommodation is available just a stone’s throw away from the cellar door. If you’re looking for an authentic country getaway with vineyards on your doorstep, you’re going to love this place.

The tasting

Orange weekend itinerary
Wine time!

Nashdale Lane offers an indoor or outdoor tasting experience with upgrades to the tasting, which is presented at the cellar door.

The wines from Nashdale Lane are amazing – or maybe that’s because I had tasted over 20 wines before arriving. I was also impressed with the price, with most of their wines costing between $30 and $40.

During the tasting, we were treated to 7 wines. The Colour Series Riesling and Chardonnay were top class, and their “Social” Rose was one of the best Rose’s I’ve had.

I’m not generally a fan of Tempranillo, but the variety from Nashdale Lane was easy on the palate. The Legacy Pinot Noir, with its rich tannic structure, is also a crowd favourite.

Ending the tasting with “The Social” Rouge, a medium-full-bodied Shiraz – Merlot blend, was the highlight, and I was very tempted to leave with a few cases to take home.

4. Mortimer’s Wine

Best time to visit Orange New South Wales
The cellar door at Mortimer’s Wines
  • Tasting fee: $10 for 10 tastings (Redeemable upon purchase)
  • Highlight: 10 tastings
  • Downsides: The wines aren’t as good as other wines from Orange
  • Recommended for… a good time

Peter Mortimer made a name for himself in Rugby League. After hanging up his boots, he decided to pursue winemaking.

Fast forward a few years, and Mortimer is now one of the most popular Orange wineries.

The property itself isn’t much to write home about and doesn’t overlook vineyards or rolling hills, as is the case with some of its neighbours.

But what it lacks in views, it sure makes up for in atmosphere.

Mortimer’s often feature live music in their outdoor courtyard, so if you’re visiting on a Saturday, be sure to call ahead and check if they have any events scheduled for the day.

Overall, the wines from Mortimer were ok, so if you’re looking for the best wines in Orange, you may want to give this a skip. But the tasting experience was one to remember!

The tasting

Mortimers Orange NSW
Tasting number 2 of 10!

With a cosy fireplace and friendly staff, visiting Mortimer’s cellar door was a fun addition to my Orange wine tour.

As you’ll soon realize with most wine tastings, the portions are relatively small and the experience is intimate – each group is looked after by a sommelier. At Mortimer, it’s different – or perhaps long weekends and busy Saturdays are the exceptions!

Instead of the sommelier speaking to guests’ individually, he did one big tasting for the room of 12 people. At first, this seemed a bit rushed, but I quickly realized that we had 10 tastings to get through and with only 45 minutes, we had to drink up.

The host was fun and engaging and really added to the vibrant atmosphere and cheerful vibe.

Mortimer’s Wines are also not shy about the size of their tastings! Needless to say, after 10 reasonably big tastings of sparkling wines, chardonnay, rose, shiraz and merlot, I left with a swing in my step.

The price of their wines is competitive, and I purchased a bottle of the Chestnut Garth Merlot for $38 (but I could redeem $10 from the tasting price).

5. Heifer Station Wines: Best for families

Best things to do in Orange nsw
Heifer Station Wines
  • Tasting fee: $15
  • Highlight: You can purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy outside
  • Downside: Quite busy and commercialized, but it operates like a well-oiled machine
  • Recommended for… families

Set on an old cattle farm and rising to an altitude of 900 m, Heifer Station is one of the most famous wineries in Orange.

It has a bit of everything, from a charming cellar door to outdoor seating alongside the vineyards and even a petting zoo, home to alpacas, chickens, goats and a pony.

As you can imagine, the property is big and has been divided into a few sections, all with an authentic farmyard ambience for guests to enjoy.

The Old Woolshed is my favourite area, but the Barrel Shed offers sweeping views of the country garden from its floor-to-ceiling windows.

The experience

Heifer Station wines Orange NSW
Inside the Barrel Shed at Heifer Station Wines

Heifer Station Wines cellar door is absolutely stunning!

The Old Woolshed, converted to a cellar door, is furnished with leather couches, a wood-burning fireplace and stunning wooden beams.

Group bookings are limited to 6 people in their cellar door, but bigger groups can opt to join their tastings in the Barrel Shed as well.

During summer or spring, you might want to head to the Barrel Deck or you can hang out in their gardens and be treated to your tasting outside. But if it was my choice, I’d recommend the Old Woolshed

The best thing about Heifer Station is that you don’t have to do a tasting. They allow you to reserve a table for 2 hours, the perfect amount of time to indulge in their delicious cheese boards ($35) and a bottle of vino.

We were lucky to get the best seat in the house on a freezing cold winter day – next to the fireplace!

6. Swinging Bridge

Orange wineries with views
The outdoor tasting area at Swinging Bridge
  • Tasting fee: Standard tastings $15 for 5 wines | Premium tasting $20 for 8 wines
  • Highlight: Delicious cheese board and canapes
  • Downside: Nothing
  • Recommended for… quality wines, both red and white

Swinging Bridge is a beautiful, medium-sized winery offering panoramic views toward Mount Canobolas from its cellar door windows.

It’s picture-perfect, with a level of sophistication added to it.

As you enter the gates, you’re surrounded by vineyards in every direction you look. The cellar door boasts an indoor seating area, a beautiful outdoor verandah as well as a premium tent ensuring ample space to accommodate guests.

It’s not quite as commercialized as the likes of Heifer Station, but their wines pack a punch and are the biggest drawcard.

Swinging Bridge winery is known for its Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. And I can attest that their wines are top-notch.

When comparing them to the other Orange vineyards, I’d say Swinging Bridge had the best selection of high-quality, elegant varieties, from crisp, clean whites to full-bodied reds.

The tasting

Best wineries in Orange with Cheese platters
Starting the day just right – wine and cheese pairing at Swinging Bridge

The tasting experience at Swinging Bridge is extremely professional with much care and thought going into the presentation of their wines.

They also offer cheese boards and canpes to complement their wine tasting. This was our first cheeseboard of the day and it set the bar really high. With a selection of cheeses and walnuts paired with delicious peach jam and smooth hummus, all made by the in-house chef, you can’t go wrong with this!

We opted for the standard tasting which included an exceptional range of handcrafted red and whites.

The William J Shiraz, named after the winemakers’ son, stole the show and I also thoroughly enjoyed the #006 Tempinot, both of which cost $35.

7. Colmar Estate: Best views (and sparkling wines)

Colmar Estate Orange NSW
Colmar Estate in Orange
  • Tasting fee: $10 for 6 wines (redeemable upon purchase)
  • Highlight: The best sparkling wine of all Orange wineries
  • Downside: The cellar door lacked character
  • Recommended for… those wanting to purchase an affordable sparkling wine

Sitting at a cool 980 meters, Colmar Estate is a 6-hectare vineyard offering pure, elegant wines with a single focus on quality.

The boutique winery makes use of exclusively hand-picked, pristine grapes, resulting in some of the finest wines in Orange.

Colmar has been recognised for the quality of its wines and has numerous awards to its name. This has propelled the estate to the forefront of winemaking in Orange.

And if it’s views you’re after, I’d say Colmar also wins this one (yes, the sweeping views of the vineyards beat that of Swinging Bridge).

So, with elegant tasting wines, gorgeous views and friendly staff, you’d be wondering why Colmar isn’t at the top of my Orange winery list? Unfortunately, the cellar door itself lacked character and charm.

The tasting

Orange NSW
Colmar Estate

The tasting at Colmar consists of six wines, most of which are white varieties. Overall, it was one of the most detailed experiences of all the Orange wineries that we visited.

The sommelier is passionate about what she does and has great knowledge of their wines and the region. This passion is reinforced by the owner, Jane, who was also present during our visit.

The 2017 Brut Rose is outstanding and arguably the best sparkling wine in Orange. At $48 a bottle, guests were leaving with cases! Yes, it is that good and if you’re a fan of Sparkling wines, I recommend you visit Colmar Estate.

The Riesling and Chardonnay were crisp and fresh – both under $35. And while I’m not normally a fan of Pinot Noir, I found Colmar’s to be worthy of the handful of awards it has won over the past few years.

Other Top Wineries in Orange

  • Stockmans Ridge: A local favourite with live events, BBQ areas and more
  • Philip Shaw Wines: One of the biggest and most popular wineries in Orange
  • Strawhouse Wines: Hidden gem recommended by our driver
  • Ross Hill Wines: Australia’s only carbon-neutral winery & vineyards
Word of Mouth Wines Orange
The yummy cheese board at Word of Mouth Wines

Tips For Visiting the Best Wineries in Orange

  • Book your tastings in advance. Especially over long weekends and holidays as people are often turned away.
  • Be prepared to pay $10-$20 per seating which will include 4-8 wine tastings.
  • Each tasting lasts 45 minutes. And allow for 15 minutes travel time between the Orange vineyards.
  • Most cafes and restaurants in Orange are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay in the centre of town, you may want to book one of these hotels in Orange.
  • Book a wine tour or private driver as taxis can work out very expensive.
  • Orange is a 4-hour drive from Sydney. Take Friday off so that you can enjoy 3 days in wine country.

How to Get Around Orange Wineries

No matter how tempted you are to drive between the Orange wineries, I advise against it.

Not only is it dangerous, but you’ll have the added pressure of watching every sip you take – when you’re exploring a wine region, there’s no fun in that!

There are Uber taxis in Orange, but with only a few drivers, they might not be available when you need them. And there’s a surcharge for pick-ups and drop-offs outside of Orange city centre, which is what you’ll require.

As a result, you’ll end up spending more than if you had pre-booked a driver or wine tour.

Orange Winery Tours

There are several options for wine tours that take you to some of the best Orange wineries.

This saves you hours of planning and figuring out the best itinerary for the day. These tours are also great for meeting people, and they can get pretty festive.

Private driver

Booking a private driver for the day can work out more affordable than a wine tour if you’re in a big group. Also, the tours often have fixed itineraries and may not visit the boutique wineries in Orange.

For these reasons, I decided to book a driver for the day and he was fantastic!

My driver’s name was Glen – I actually found him on Airtasker but you can reach him on 0400 422 497. Highly recommend! Between 2 people, we paid $240 for 7 hours.

I made all the wine-tasting bookings myself and sent him through my itinerary.

The Perfect 1-day Orange Winery Itinerary

If you only have one day in Orange, here’s how you should plan your day.

  • 10 am: Pick up
  • 10:15-11:00 am: Printhie Wines
  • 11:30-12:30 pm: Word of Mouth Wines (and cheeseboard)
  • 12:45-1:45 pm: Mortimer’s Wines
  • 2-2:45 pm: Nashdale Lane
  • 3-5 pm: Heifer Station or Swinging Bridge (another cheeseboard)

Best Time to go Wine Tasting in Orange

It’s always a good time to visit the Orange wineries! With a mild climate, the summers are comfortable, but the winters are chilly.

I went in the middle of winter and it was freezing! And, I was camping.

But despite -2 degrees temperatures overnight, cosying up to the fireplace at Heifer Station or sitting in the dark barn at Printhie are some of the best memories of my weekend in Orange.

The best wineries in Orange FAQs

What wine is Orange known for?

Orange is a high-altitude wine region known for its Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. It’s Shiraz is also very popular.

How do you get around wineries in Orange?

It’s best to book a tour or hire a private driver to get around the wineries in Orange. Uber is available but there aren’t many drivers in town, making it difficult to get between the wineries.

Have you visited any of these wineries in Orange, NSW? Or are you planning your trip? Hit me up with any questions in the comments section below.

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